Every person wants to have the most beautiful face and body, especially women. Beauty and attractiveness first begins with the face...


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Face Aesthetics

Face aesthetic operations removes excess loose or saggy skin, giving patients a more youthful appearance...​

Liposuction Fat Removal - Laser Lipolysis

During a person’s natural physical development, the number of fat cells in the body increases proportionally. Once development has come to...

Breast Augmentation

A breast implant is a prosthesis used to change the size, shape, and contour of a person's breast. In reconstructive plastic surgery, breast implants can be placed to restore a natural looking breast ...

Bottom Aesthetics

Bottoms are one of the most important aspects of the female figure. Round, full and pert bottoms that completely fill out any clothes that are worn are...

Stomach Aesthetics

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure where excess fat and saggy skin is removed from the middle and bottom areas of the...

Arm Aesthetics

Arms sag at the rear and inner parts as the result of age as well as episodic weight gain and loss. An arm lift is where the arms’ excess, saggy skin...


Leg Aesthetics

The aim of leg aesthetics for striking, attractive legs, another symbol of femininity, is to have legs that are, from the hip to the ankle, in proportion to...


Genital Area Aesthetics

A person’s physical and aesthetic problems with their sexual organs can mar their quality of life and sexual enjoyment...



Gynecomastia is the name given to cases where male breasts grow similarly to that of the female breast due to weight gain and higher than normal...


Lip Aesthetics

Having full and attractive lips is a privalage every woman wants. Lips are indespensible as sign of attractiveness, fertility, femininity and...


Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelid lifts (blepharoplasties) is a surgical procedure carried out where excess fat, skin and muscle are removed from the upper and lower eyelids...

  • obesity surgery is the last resort when all other attempts at weight loss have failed.

  • There is no perfect operation, and surgeons differ in which operation they will suggest, but gastric banding, gastric stapling or a form of bypass are all accepted techniques.

  • Obesity is a genetically based disease where sufferers have a strong desire to consume more food than they need. Obesity surgery cannot cure this disease, but can go a long way to controlling this hunger and helping the sufferer gain control over their weight.